How VibePay Works

Download VibePay for free and get paid back by your friends

Register with VibePay using your mobile phone number (+44) and securely link your bank account to receive money from your friends.

Create groups and split shared payments easily

Create a group for your event and share a unique payment link for your friends to pay you back in seconds on the web – they don’t even have to use the VibePay app!

Receive payments directly into your bank account

VibePay connects banks together using our Open Banking technology, so you can request and receive money from any major bank – it doesn’t matter who you, or your friends bank with.

Track who’s paid you back, who hasn’t, and send reminders

See who’s paid you back in real-time without having to check your bank account and send reminders to anyone who’s being slow!

Sign up and improve the way you get paid back today!