Chief of Staff



OVERALL PURPOSE: Key support to the CEO to ensure their time is best used across the business and to ensure there’s a strong team and culture within the organisation so that Vibe are set up for success to deliver against their mission and vision.

Success in the role is: 

CEO set up for success: supporting the CEO on delivering against his priorities and objectives, structuring his time in the best possible way, giving him visibility where needed and supporting him on driving business execution forward wherever possible. Supporting him on delivering discreet projects, creating materials and communications as needed. 

Vibe culture: everyone lives the Vibe values and they inform everything from hiring to decision making – honest and forthcoming, acting as one team and putting the customer first in everything we do. Underpinned by resounding commitment across the team to deliver growth and to be accountable for their actions and behaviours across the business, underpinned by regular, consistent communications.

Aligned business: helping ensure everyone in the business understands the organisational vision and strategy, they understand the commercial drivers within the business, are aware of the upcoming milestones and know the products inside out.

Engaged team: staff are engaged in the culture and business, they feel supported and challenged, there’s an environment where people can speak out, share their ideas, and feel heard and valued.

Employee experience: setting up the processes and ensuring their implemented to drive a great employee experience, from onboarding to review to exit.

Consistent reporting: supporting the senior leadership team to track performance and meeting actions, giving them visibility of key points and keeping on top of delivery against those actions.

Smooth operation: supporting the organisation’s growth operationally, ensuring office set up, administrative and HR functions are running smoothly and set up to support the business scale.

Problem solving: lead on identifying problems, coming up with solutions and getting them fixed, right the way across the business.

Efficient meeting management: setting up meetings for the leadership team and board, ensuring materials are sent in advance, time is well spent and objectives are achieved.

Accountable for:

-Helping structure the CEO’s time to ensure he has the greatest impact.

-Culture within the business – alignment with values and business plan.

-Identifying areas for improvement across the culture and team structure.

-Communications across the business – regular comms delivery inc meetings etc.

-Employee engagement elements – on boarding, review, policies etc. 

-Office administration & set up.

-Monitor and track projects and tasks, ensuring CEO and key stakeholders have visibility on progress & risks.

-Assisting CFO with finance processes as needed.

-Arranging events, team away days, summer and xmas parties. 

In addition 

Evangelise Vibe. Enhance our reputation by providing advocating for the business and driving brand awareness. Be a credible spokesperson internally as well as externally, advocating for Vibe.

Lead high performance culture. Lead by example to create a culture based on continuous feedback, evaluation and collaboration supported by scalable, measurable activities, driving accountability and leading by example. 

Build high performance team. Close involvement in structuring and recruitment of the team, in headcount planning and performance reviews. 

Maintain healthy organisation. Ensure we build a healthy organisation, with a clear strategy, priorities and accountabilities and with minimal politics and confusion, a high morale, low turnover and a high level of productivity.


HONEST & FORTHCOMING. Honesty is the foundation of our business and core to all our interactions. We expect people to be forthcoming in giving feedback, highlighting challenges and opportunities, and helping us explore ideas that will help move the business forward..

ONE TEAM. We are one team trying to build a successful business. As a result we have a no blame culture, where we recognise two heads are better than one and where we take everyone on the journey.

CUSTOMER FIRST, PROFIT SECOND. Our customers are at the heart of our business. They are our first consideration, in every decision we think about what’s best for them and how we can deliver the best possible experience for them.