‘You don’t have an invite!’ bug (fixed)

Tim @ Vibe
December 9, 2019

We had a small technical hitch – now resolved

If you were invited to our beta on 9th Dec 2019, you might have experienced a technical hitch, which prevented you from logging into VibePay.

Some users were incorrectly shown a screen detailing “You don’t have an invite! We’re currently in Beta and you need one to get started. Sign up to the waiting list to get access.”

How to fix the issue: If you update the VibePay app to the lastest version in the App Store or Google Play Store, you’ll be able start using VibePay right away!

What happened: Our engineers are hard at work on additional features for our community to try out in beta. We released a slightly newer version of the app, which didn’t let some users on out beta waiting list register. As soon as our community let us know about the bug (thanks a lot!), we rolled out a version which works for all of our beta users.

Thanks to our community for your continued support and patience – and apologies for any inconvenience!